Otsego River Riders Snowmobile Club Membership 

Come and join your neighbors and friends that enjoy and support your sport in our community!!!

Normally we are just getting things kicked off for the year in November but this year has been quite different. The board and the members have been quite busy, just to recap some of the things that the club has been involved with:

  •     April 2016 Spring Celebration Party     
  •     December 2016 Hosted Snowmobile Youth Training                 
  •     March 2017 Spring Celebration Party     
  •     December 2017 Hosted Snowmobile Youth Training     
  •     April 2018 Spring Celebration/Silent Auction     
  •     December 2018 Hosted Snowmobile Youth Training     
  •     April 2019 Spring Celebration/Silent Auction
  •     December 2019 Hosted Snowmobile Youth Training

We are busy with many things in the future such as Youth Snowmobile Training, trail maintenance, Hotdoggin on the Trail and many other club activities, like the club trips. Something that is really exciting is the establishment of a new trail in Otsego. That new trail will connect the trail on CoRD 37 along HWY 101 to CoRD 39. This is an amazing step for a club that not too long ago snowmobiling was banned in the City of Otsego.

In the past you may have shown your support for the sport that you believe in by being a member of the Otsego River Riders Snowmobile Club.  Or perhaps you've found us while searching for local snowmobiling activities on the internet. In either case,  we hope that you would take the time to complete the membership form and mail it to us, along with a check for the membership fees.  Membership is one way that we demonstrate to the city the positive interest that there is for snowmobiling in the City of Otsego.

You can also bring your membership form to our monthly member meeting.  We have our meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm at Cowboy Jack's in Otsego.

When completing the membership form please be sure to include an email address, our club provides a lot of information through emails.  

Click HERE to buy or renew your membership online!

For more information regarding the Otsego River Riders along with any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact one our board members with an email at:  otsegoriverriders@gmail.com

Member Resources 

Membership Enrollment/Renewal Form (PDF)

Member Reimbursement Form (PDF)

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